Body butter

Body butter

98,5% of natural ingredients.

Salvia Clevelandii & Japanese Ginkgo

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200 ml

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For all skin types, especially for dry skin, exposed to the cold, the wind and the Sun

Firm and smooth skin is health and youth. Be organic body butter SALVIA CLEVELANDII & GINKGO JAPANESE intensively hydrates and stimulates microcirculation, giving the effect of a silky softness and shine. Naturally supports the regeneration of the tissues and protects them against the effects of free radicals, allowing you to keep your energy and vitality. Thanks to the smooth consistency of fully absorbed, leaving a pleasant sensation of hydration and relaxing aroma.


  • SALVIA CLEVELANDII (hydration),
  • GINKGO (firming),
  • SHEA BUTTER (nutrition),
  • VITAMIN E-C-F COMPLEX (rejuvenation)
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