About us

We present with joy a new brand of natural pharmacy cosmetics be organic.

In a unique series of products for face and body care, we have joined extracts from long-lived, evergreen plants and adapted to life in extreme conditions. We have add certified natural oils, renowned for its exceptional nutritional properties and plant substances which are traditionally used to relieve skin problems, safe for sensitive skin and allergic reaction.  We have eliminated the use of synthetic ingredients, substances of animal origin and animal testing and the production has been done by certified factory. Cosmetics has a pleasant texture and delicate scents, they have been packed in biodegradable packaging, in order to be able to enjoy the sensual pleasure of  caring about the environment.

Creating be organic we have created the products which we want ourselves to use and which are recommended to our girlfriends and friends-just as we do now.

We wish you many pleasant moments with be organic and pleasure ... being together!

Aleksandra Paczkowska-Borkowska
Marta Wróbel