Coconut Ritual Set

Coconut Ritual Set

body scrub, coconut oil & massage glove

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Be organic Coconut Ritual Set contains be organic body scrub Argan oil & Sunflower and be organic 100% coconut oil , Inside the set you will find wonderful gift in the form of a massage glove, which will additionally improve the appearance of the skin. You can use it on hair, face and body skin.


Be organic coconut oil:  

Cold hand-pressed coconut oil derived from coconuts organically grown in Sri Lanka. Produced in the traditional manner without the use of chemicals and pesticides. It nourishes the skin giving it a feeling of silky smoothness and nourishment. Thanks to the unique composition of fatty acids and vitamins it perfectly cares for the skin and hair, providing them with an optimal level of hydration and a healthy look. It can be used for the care of: face, body, hair, to whiten teeth, for the care of young children and mothers. Also suitable for consumption!

Be organic body scrub Argan oil & Sunflower:

It instantly improves skin condition, actively cleans, moisturizes, reduces scars and stretch marks. Natural mild abrasives contained in the cosmetic: cane sugar and sea salt delicately smooth, support the absorption of nutrients and leave a feeling of silky softness. The cosmetic is applied twice during the week, spreading circular movements on moistened skin and then rinsing with warm water. 


  • vegan
  • hypollergenic
  • for all skin types
  • 98%-100% ingridients of natural origin